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Whatever Wednesday: Wait

The Tuesday at Ten prompt word is Wait.  After writing a letter to the Other Woman, I realized that it was the waiting that turned our relationship around.

It has been over 6 years since I initially found anything out about you.  5 1/2 years since my marriage ended.

5 1/2 years of time that we have been working on this relationship.  You are someone I never expected, someone I didn’t want to have to get to know, certainly someone that I didn’t want to be friends with.

Though as time went on, it became more and more apparent that you weren’t going anywhere.  Waiting, waiting for my heart to heal, for life to move on and for things to make more sense.

It most definitely wasn’t easy, it didn’t happen right away.  Our relationship took a lot of nurturing, a lot of tough conversations and time to become what it is.

While I was going through my divorce workshop, I was told that just because everything hadn’t balanced out yet, didn’t mean that it wasn’t going to.  Well, at some point, it all balanced out.

Paul says that Matt cheating on me was the best thing that ever happened to him.  I had to wait to understand why my world came crumbling down.  What was this trying to show me, where would it take me and how would I get there?

Well, I waited and during that time I started healing and trusting.

Here we are all these years later.  Still in each other’s lives and making it work.  Making it work for our children and for us.  Co-Parenting at it’s finest.  It wasn’t easy, there is still some pain, but from that pain, a lot of good was created.

We waited for the time when it would all make sense.  Luckily for us, eventually it did.



7 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: Wait”

    1. It isn’t about being better. My children were young when it happened 1 and 2. If I didn’t make this choice, it’s my kids who would be suffering. At just 6 and 8 now, we have a long road of co-parenting ahead of us. Being friendly makes it much easier.

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      1. My children are grown and Loser gave them an ultimatum….”if you don’t want to see her (that WTC) then you won’t see your daddy.” They knew that if they made the same conditions, he was going to chose HER over them. I didn’t give the same ultimatum but told them I wouldn’t be part of the “big family.” The chose Loser and that WTC over me.
        C’est la vie.

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      2. I’m sorry that happened. I used to be so heartbroken that my kids would never remember life with me and their Dad together. Now, I realize what a true blessing that really was.


      3. My children will be fine. They have sought Losers’ attention and approval their entire lives. Now, he is actually pretending to care about them…mostly to impress his WTC. She is pretending to care about them to win them over. She gave Loser an ultimatum that he had better never chose his children over her again (after he left her behind to see his children and me for Christmas.)
        All is right in their world and they view my absence as “oh, well.”

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