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#40Notes40Days: Someone who does a Service for you

There are two people who came to mind with this topic and I will write to both of them.


Thank you for everything you do for my kids during the summer when you are home from school.  They look forward to spending time with you.

2 years ago, I panicked when I got a new job and needed to find child care for my kids for the summer.  Even though you and I had met a handful of times before, we weren’t currently in each other’s lives.  Luckily, a church friend pointed me in your direction.  You were available and willing to watch my kids a few times a week the whole summer.  Things went so well, that last summer you helped again and we already have plans for this summer.  Thank you again for all that you do to love and provide for my children.


Again, 2 years ago when I took my new job, I knew I was going to have to find a child care for Noah.  After working in child care for the greater part of 12 years, I had very high standards.  I had committed to a center just down the road from my house, one with a “name” that everyone knows.  I thought that was the best way to go.

Once I actually dove into my job a little bit, I became familiar with a way to search child care facilities in Michigan.  So, I decided to look at other places in my area, close to my house.  Your center stood out to me, really close to my house and so close to the kids school.

I called you and made an appointment to come over and meet you.  The second you started talking to me, I knew that was where Noah needed to go.  Your house had such a warm, comfortable feel.  I knew that Noah would be loved and well taken care of there.  Just after labor day he started attending Loving Care and he just loves it.

We are so lucky to have you, Carie and Max in our lives.  Noah loves you and is learning so much from you.

Finding people to take care of your kids when you can’t, is possibly one of the most difficult things a parent can do.  Finding people to leave them with, where you don’t worry about them constantly and you know that they are getting the love and attention that they deserve, is very hard.  No greater service can be done that caring for and loving my children when I can’t, making sure they are safe and happy.


6 thoughts on “#40Notes40Days: Someone who does a Service for you”

  1. I can relate to this so much. I also have a friend who helps always when I need a safe place for my kids to be. She is just so amazing and my kids feel great staying at hers. So I’m grateful to God for great childcare. Never have had any bad tales to tell.
    Thanks for bringing this up.

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