Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/17

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Simi is a 14 year old, who brilliantly wrote this blog!  Thank you Simi for allowing me to share this.

After looking at many blogs and their posts and experiencing and observing it myself, I decided to write a post about us teens. Before I start, please make it clear that I am not a doctor, I am just a biology student and the content in this post may not be like my usual posts where I write about my experiences and what happens in my life. I may use words which you might not find appropriate but please feel free to stop reading and leave an offensive comment below.

In this post I am going to talk about somethings, that I observed, are faced by teens. I will not only talk about mental states but also physical and biological states that teenagers face. So lets begin.

As read in the above image a child becomes a teen when it turns 13 and that’s where their teenage life/ stage/phase starts. But what happens to them when turn into a teen? What are the things they feel when they reach this inevitable and unknown stage in life?

1.The first thing that happens is you feel irritated. You feel frustrated by the things around you and you feel like no one believes you. It feels as if they are all against you. For people like me, whose parents keep an eye on them, it gets even more frustrating and irritating to have no freedom or privacy at all.

Some people, who are brought up in a more peaceful and quiet environment, it’s easier for them to ignore these feelings. It’s easier for them to keep their feelings bottled up inside but that’s not good either. If that teen decides to leave the house and live independently, it becomes a ruckus for them and this only aggravates the anger they develop towards their parents, which isn’t good either.

2.  You get attracted to the opposite gender. Even if a person keeps their feelings bottled up they know in their heads that there is this one person who they like more than a friend. He/she can be in their school, music class, or even a worker at the coffee shop. They are just attracted to them and it’s not wrong. This is where the need for self-control kicks in. You have to control these feelings.One thing can cause to another and that might not end up being good for you or your life.

3. Girls menstruation cycle begins. For girls its total and new change in life. They go through pains, they go through irritation. But they have to take special care of themselves because their body starts to mature and so does their mind. At this point they act more mature than their elder siblings, especially brothers. But this also causes irritation because of small things. Each and every girl goes through it and it becomes quiet normal for them after sometime. It’s just their friends and people around that have to bear their anger.

4. You start gaining weight. When you reach your teen years you feel like eating more and more and yet you feel as if you have no energy. This happens because of your metabolism that demands for nutrients to grow the cells in your body. It all seems normal. But some people may not gain weight and this as well depends on their metabolism.

5.You crave for attention. At this stage you start feeling left out, you feel like a misfit among your friends, which is also normal. You do things that seeks attention. You raise your voice, you ask the most popular girl out for prom, you do anything to seek attention and if you feel disappointed, just know that this is normal.

6. You get angry. Now this part applies for guys and some girls, like myself. You may be angered for all the little things people, especially friends, say about you. It’s just that you feel like they are reminding you of your flaws and immediately your hands raise on their own accord and then a fight begins. As for girls, they seem to be having a lot of arguments and cat fights. Suppose a girl says something about your hair then you immediately retract and say something back to her. Even if the girl is just joking with you. Both girls and boys get even more aggressive if someone says something about their girlfriends or boyfriends.

7. You cry. Being a teenager means having a bucket of ice cream in your hands, The Notebook on the TV screen and balling your eyes out. This mostly happens in girls, of course. If something happens with your friends you just want to find an excuse to cry and what better than The Notebook, right? Right. Girls never face the truth or they don’t confess their reasons for crying. Whereas boys seem to enjoy looking at girls cry over their stupidness, however, the actual case is the girls are crying because they think that there is no one for them.

8. (Any guy reading this, please don’t mind) Guys become perverted. Yes, they do. Humans have a tendency to boast about their knowledge and being a teenager, just being taught about sex, think that they should flaunt their knowledge too! Maybe not all are like this but they become like other, just to avoid being a misfit.

9. You start looking for flaws. Anybody this age start looking flaws in themselves or their face. Acne, stretch marks, too much fat, too short, too ugly- theses are JUST examples, in real life , its much worse. But this is utterly bullshit. It isn’t true that you are ugly. Everyone is beautiful and every one deserves love , you just haven’t found the right people.

10. You compare yourselves to others. You look at a girls face and think she’s pretty and then you look at yours and you think you are ugly?? Think about those people who look at you and think how pretty you are. They just don’t tell you because they don’t want to be misfits, again.

This is all! Sorry if the points are sexist, I must have not paid attention. Thanks for reading! Bye!

-Simi, the Biologist XD😂🙏

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/17

  1. I loved reading this! I heard about this idea from another blogger, and was wondering if I could write one as well. So… could I? I didn’t see a Contact Me page.

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    1. You absolutely can. Write your post and then send it to my e-mail and I will schedule it. Talk about how you think being a teenager now is different than 20 years ago and also what it feels like to be a teenager today 🙂 Lastly, don’t forget to tell everyone how old you are 🙂 I can’t wait to read what you have to write!


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