#40Notes40Days: Someone who works for Justice

Paul Perez-

Well you are the first and most obvious person that came to mind when thinking about this topic.  You worked so passionately for JFON (Justice for Our Neighbors), something that you believe deeply in.  I know that even though you had to transition, you are still actively involved.

“Paul Perez, who led the Justice For Our Neighbors-Southeast Michigan site since it started in early 2009, left in June 2013 to take the position of Director of Mission and Justice Engagement and Leadership Recruitment with the Detroit Annual Conference. Paul is deeply missed, as he demonstrated excellent leadership, strategic guidance, and a calming spirituality at Justice For Our Neighbors-Southeast Michigan over the years. Thankfully, he remains closely involved and fosters a close relationship between JFON-SEMI and the Annual Conference.”

I found this on the JFON website: Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) is a faith-driven ministry, welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities by providing free, high-quality immigration legal services, education and advocacy. The JFON program was initiated by the General Board of Global Ministries in 1999 and has served thousands of immigrants throughout the United States.

I thought that it might be important to put that information in this letter so that the others that read it understand some of the remarkable work that you do.

Growing up, we all knew how destined you were for amazing things.  You were always so charming and charismatic.  It was an honor to be your friend and grow along side you in our faith at Newburg.  I should say, that it is an honor to be your friend.  You are still in my life.  Our church connection will forever be there and I have no doubt that you will be a friend of mine for life.

You an amazing man, doing incredible work.  Thank you for how are you are working to seek Justice for our neighbors.



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