#40Notes40Days: Someone you once shared a great meal with!

Aunt Deb and Uncle Rick-

When I was thinking about how all of these notes would go to, making sure that each letter went to someone different, it was very hard for me to come up with who this letter should go to.

The thing is that when I think about great meals, I can’t rarely remember what the food tasted like or even what I had to eat, so I couldn’t think of any one great meal I had eaten in that way.  When I really started to think about eating meals, meals that were extravagant, beautiful, different and memorable  and all of them included you guys.

Going back to Hawaii.  Two wonderful meals.  First, the luau.  Something that I may never experience again, who knows.  Though I did once and you were there with me!  The fancy feast, the entertainment and the giant pig, LOL.  The second in Hawaii, how could any of us forget the night of the Lobster, “Why are you telling me this, I asked the time.”

All the wedding with wonderful, romantic meals.  The Chilean Sea Bass at Stacey’s Wedding and the variety of stations at Dawn’s wedding, two of my favorite meals ever. Meals at the yacht club, extravagant plated dinners and buffets beyond my wildest imagination.

Many New Years Eve Dinners, Buca di Beppo, Outback and Claddagh.  Many baby showers, wedding showers and rehearsal dinners.  Birthday parties, Anniversaries and Graduation parties.

Lucky for me, it has been so many more than one great meal that I have been able to share with the both of you.  I am sure that there were some that I didn’t even mention.

Thank you for breaking bread with me so many times in the last 35 years.  I love you both!


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