Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/24

This weeks Spotlight is brought to you by Megan: Follow her blog at Meganqm1

”Hey there!. First of all I would like to say  a huge thank you for allowing me to have the chance to guest post and on this wonderful blog.  Not exactly sure how to start this post as it is my first guest post…but lets give it ago.

Ummmm Hi. I’m Megan. I’m your average awkward, anxious annoying teen. I am 15 years old and I was born and raised in Ireland…before you get to wondering about my accent, No. I do not have a really Irish accent. My accents sort of just mine, not necessarily Irish but it has got different types of the Irish accents thrown in their the odd time but then again sometimes it has American/English and god only knows what other types of accent thrown in their. I watch a lot of Youtubers and I watch quite a lot of different TV shows so I pick up my accent and vocabulary from them quite a bit.

I am currently doing Transition Year in school (which is an optional fourth year in secondary school, here in Ireland) It is so much fun. It’s a year of new experiences such as going on trips, doing work experience, trying new subjects, having guest speakers in and so much more….It’s a whole load of fun and banter mixed with work. It is a year I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to do…I don’t think this was even around 20 years ago so that’s one thing that’s different now compared to 20 years ago.

Being a teenager In 2016 is completely different to being a teenager  20 years ago. In the modern world everything is so High-Tech and instant compared to how it was. We are so dependant (Me especially) on technology. Many of our daily lives revolve around the use of electronics. We use computers to work, for education, for reading, writing and so much more. We depend on them for entertainment and music. We need electricity to shower, to cook and to even turn on a light. We are so dependant. Nowadays if the power goes out many of us go into a frenzy of panic.

Our thoughts instantly turn to stuff like ‘OH NO! No wifi how will I internet!?’ and ‘Damn the powers out!, How will I shower or have dinner if I cant use to cooker and shower.’ we have forgotten how to do stuff for ourselves without electricity. We can’t make food over a self lit fire or bathe without using electric showers and heated water. Would many of us even have enough candles and matches/lighters to use as light if the lights went out?. 20 years ago the would of been able to do all of that and more without electricity. They would be more likely to send letters and read a physical book but nowadays we listen to books that are read for us and we text and call to communicate more. I think it is crazy that in just a couple of years we have learnt to be so used to using electronics. (It also annoys me that I am guilty of so much of this)

The media is also a way bigger thing now than it was 20 years ago. Well more so social media. We use social media and spend so much time on-line and less time socialising in person. News of all types is instantly broadcasting on-line in the media now so much  quicker than newspapers but hey that isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that social media has made it even easier for bullying. 2o years ago cyber bullying probably wasn’t as big as it is now. It has escalated and gotten way worse cause of how many use it and how easy it has become to be anonymous on-line.

So much more has changed it is absolutely crazy. I have outlined a lot of the bad points of what has changed but their is also a lot of good that has come from the past 20 years.

Their is life saving technology that has developed, better medicines, improved education systems, improved transport systems and soo much more! Theirs also a lot of more independence for a lot of people and people are more willing to learn about new and different things. People are more accepting and a lot of things are changing. Also their is so much more genres and types of music developing and new artists being discovered (the same with artists, TV shows, movies etc) It can be so fantastic.

 I have to admit being a teenager in 2016 has become way more of a luxury than it would be if we were all born 20 years ago  but then again it has a lot of difficulty’s and stress to go along with it all depending on who you are and what’s happening for you personally.

Overall being a teenager in 2016 can be quite a amazing time to be a teen.

Thank you again for letting me do this guest post. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

GoodBye ~ :)x

~Meganqm1  ”

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