#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself

You are writing this on the first day of Lent.  You made a list of people to write that fit within the #40Notesin40Days parameters and this is your check in.  How did you do?  How did it feel to reach out to those people and did they respond to you?

Here is your list:

1.Me  2. Justin  3.Harley  4.Farson  5.  Dawn   6.  James  7. Mil  8.Michelle H   9.  Lissa  10.Julie Ritter  11.Lil’Steph  12.Laura Mato  13. Chelsea  14. Church Friends  15.Chad  16.Katy  17.Denise  18.  Mikey  19. God 20.Cam,Sam, Stephanie, Stacy  21.Hillary (my therapist)  22.Stacey  23.Melody  24. Julie and Emily 25. Melanie  26. Aunt Tracy  27.  All the kids 28.Mom  29. Dad  30.Elise 31. Jess 32. Melissa/Colleen  33.Dawes Family  34.  Dr. Ritter  35.  Paul  36.  Marsha  37.   Aunt Deb & Uncle Rick 38.Paul  39.  Sarah  40. Me

I don’t think that there is any one person that you are more excited to reach out to, to write a letter to.  Maybe more if they will know that your post is/was directed toward them.  Just be kind, open and supportive.  I hope that you were able to stay forgiving, positive and happy throughout the process.  Lastly, I hope that people appreciate the effort and the thought that you put into this list.  Opening your heart and revealing your feelings isn’t always easy, but it has always been something that you have been good at!  Remember that one time that Sarah sent you a text, just to tell you how much she loves that you are so willing and open to tell everyone that you love them all the time, no strings attached.  Once upon a time your friend Diana told you nearly that same thing.  That you are the first one to say “I love you”, that you say it at the end of every call and every time you say goodbye to someone.  That it is genuine and meaningful and important to you.  Continue to say it as often as you feel necessary, stay true to you!


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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