Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/31

Our Guest Blogger for today is Ruth from Fearlessly Loud.  Thank you so much for writing a post for this.  I think that you are wonderful.  Please everyone, if you haven’t already, please go and check her out!!



My name is Ruth and I’m 16 years old (so close to 17!). I was born in Ethiopia, but moved to the Netherlands when I was just 9. I’m in grade 10 or the so-called “fourth year of high school”. Explaining the Dutch education system will take a long time, so we’ll just skip that part! The Netherlands is a tiny country just above Belgium known for it’s cheese, windmills, tulips and it’s capital city Amsterdam. Oh, and Dutch people are the tallest people in the world. Not me though, I’m barely 1.56 meters. Imagine all the difficulties of being a small person in a country full of tall people…

 Being a teenager is something I want to hold on to for as long as I can. Your teen years are supposed to be the best years of your life, right? No responsibilities, no worries and freedom…. which is not entirely true when it comes to being a teenager. Some teenagers might be party animals with nothing to worry about, but I’m certainly not. Don’t worry, I’m not going to whine about how hard my life is. But many of us teenagers have quite a lot on our plates. There goes the myth that teenagers are carefree creatures…

 When I say that we have a lot on our plates, I don’t mean that the high school drama is keeping us busy. The things I hear about some schools are quite terrible, but not a lot of drama goes on at my school (thank god). But just the pressure of having to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life is hard to deal with. I, for one, have totally lost my way when it comes to the big, scary “future”. I had everything planned, until I suddenly realized: Do I really want to do this with my life? You get just one life so you CAN’T screw it up, right?

Add tests, socializing, projects, extracurricular activities and useless classes to that and you’ve got a stressful, busy life. What I do love is that more people get a chance at a good education nowadays. I can’t imagine not being able to go to school because you’re a girl or not wealthy enough to pay for school. Even though there’s a lot that needs to be fixed when it comes to our school systems, we do get a chance at a good education and a brighter future. The education 20 years ago was probably not as developed as it is now. Nor did they have the technology back then to teach with. Technology has some bad sides, but the good sides are just too good to let go of.

Speaking of technology, being a teenager in 2016 practically revolves around social media. Social media can be seen as a positive and a negative thing, though. Communicating with other people is good, while the insulting and shaming of people is the very opposite. People judge and being behind your computer screen seems to be an easier place to judge from than face-to-face. Here on WordPress, there is only positive energy. It’s amazing to be part of such a nice and welcoming community. Other platforms, on the other hand, have a lot of negativity going on. As teenagers, we value other people’s opinion a lot and this can lead to a lot of heart ache.

Being a teen in 2016 is certainly not easy, but life is never really easy. I guess we’ll just have to learn from our mistakes and make the next generations learn from it too. But it is an amazing part of our lives and even though it’s not easy to be a teenager, it can be great too 🙂


Ruth (from Fearlessly Loud)

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

15 thoughts on “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/31

  1. Hey Ruth, what a lovely post. You’re right about the vibe on WordPress, it’s a very positive platform. I love your outlook on life, it’s also very positive, just remember that it’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do in life. There are always alternate paths and there’s still time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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  2. Ruth, life is short but happiness lasts. Don’t stress over anything else but studies because you have time to develop your career and there is never a wrong choice. You can always change your plans and direction to fit. Love this post and I visited your blog as well. Peace and love to you and everyone in your life, have fun and stay strong.

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    1. Friend….I looked all over to find the post that you nominated me for, so I could see what it was and do it….I couldn’t find it anywhere. What was it that you nominated me for? I was out of town for work, but I’m home now and I’m trying to get caught up!


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