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A to Z Challenge: Letter A for Aerosmith

A is for Aerosmith

One of my favorite bands of all time.  My favorite song ever is “Dream On” and it has been since I was in middle school.

Every time the song comes on the radio, I need silence.  I sing it and I get chills.  This song will be played at my funeral, my husband knows that it is a requirement.

I own multiple Aerosmith albums, some that are better than others.  My favorite is their Greatest Hits album.


I owned this on cassette tape when I was about 10 years old.  I used to listen to it on my walkman while I delivered papers after school.  Each song on this album means something to me, takes me to a special place and time in my life.

When I fell in love with this album, my Dad told me that when he was in high school and a janitor at our church, he use to rock out to Aerosmith.

Lucky for me I have seen them in concert a couple of times and it was truly wonderful.


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