A to Z Challenge: B stands for the Beatles

Time for Day #2 and My B for the A to Z Challenge.

The Beatles…I could choose no other.

There is no other band, musician, artist that speaks to me the way the Beatles do.  Their words all bring out so much emotion, they all touch me to my core.  Such beautiful words, beautifully sung to beautiful music.

I own so many Beatles albums.  My Dad and I danced to “Here Comes the Sun” at my wedding, that song bring a tear to my eye every time I hear it.  “Hey Jude”, “Get Back” and “Something” by the Beatles are on my top 100 songs ever.  Something is one of the most beautiful loves songs ever.

For my 34th birthday my husband bought us tickets to go see The Beatles Love in Las Vegas.  It was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had.  I cried from start to finish.  It will be the closest I ever get to seeing the Beatles in concert.  Their beautiful music put to the action of the Cirque de Soleil.  It was simply amazing.

Just writing about the Beatles right now is moving me to tears.  I have own posters, shirts, books and CD’s since I was 12 years old.  When I really started to appreciate them and their music.  Now my kids listen to their music.

A couple of years ago when they had the 50th anniversary special on TV, I recorded it and watched it over and over and over.  “The Night that Changed America”.  We had to move and I no longer have that recorded, but hope at some point to find a DVD of it.  I could watch that every day for the rest of my life.

Thank you John, Paul, George and Ringo (my favorite) for making music that has become a soundtrack to my life!



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