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A to Z Challenge: D stands for Dave Matthews Band

If you don’t know who Dave Matthews Band is, find out.  Find one of their many CD’s and listen.  Find a song, any song that makes you smile and listen.  I’d recommend some of their older stuff.  1998 or before, that is my favorite.

I went to my first DMB concert in 1996, right after I moved to Kalamazoo, my ticket seriously was like $6.00.  It was in a small intimate venue and it was incredible.  I saw them every year after that until 2010, when I think my ticket cost me nearly $70.00.

It doesn’t matter, I own no less than 13 of their CDs.  A bunch of live stuff, because it always sounds different.  After years and years of listening to them, the way they make me feel is the same.

“Satellite” and “Pay for what you get”, those are the best from Under the Table and Dreaming, if you ask me!  From Crash, you should listen to “Two Step” and “Say Goodbye”.  Though, both of those entire albums are worth a listen.  “Rapunzel” from Before these Crowded Streets is amazing and “Old Dirt Hill” and “American Baby” from the Stand Up album.

Other than the Beatles, Dave Matthews is the only poster of a man I had up in my house as an adult.  Dave Matthews Band was the one thing that brought me and all of my college roommates together.  We came from all over, but for some reason Dave was something that we could all agree on.

I’d like to go to another concert again sometime, but I’m not sure that I will.  It has been a long time since I have listened to their albums, but I think I might have to get them out and put them in the car for my drive today.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and listen!

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