Starting tomorrow..

As of today I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been outside of pregnancy.
I need to get my act together.
I haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks.  I will be there tomorrow.   In addition to the gym,  I will do arms and abs at home.   I will also eat better,  way better.
I will document my daily progress on here and take a picture in my bathing suit every week.
Paul and I are going to Myrtle Beach in 9 weeks.  9 weeks to pull it together,  to fit into my bathing suits and feel good on the beach.
Here’s hoping I find the right motivation to push through!


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17 thoughts on “Starting tomorrow..

  1. Best of luck! You’ll get it! One of my friends is doing the cabbage soup diet to kuck start hers. Me, well, 4 kids later. ..i need to exercise but gym is a no-go for me so i TRY to get a little exercise when I can. I really would like to get the piyo program.

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      1. I had 3 kids in 5 years and I gained 70 pounds in the first pregnancy and then never fully went back, after the second kid I took up running and it helped A LOT. But then after having my 3rd, I was working full time and I just didn’t put in the same amount of energy into it. I actually left the hospital having lost 20 of the 35 pounds I gained and haven’t lost 1 pound since then. UGH… gets harder as you get older, that is for sure!!

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  2. I think the best motivation is doing it for you and no one else. So often I had failed because I started with the wrong intentions. I use MapMyFitness to track calories and it syncs up with my FitBit. Just remember in the end it is not the weight that is important…it is your confidence and how you feel.

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      1. That’s the funny thing. …I’m the same size no matter what. my legs just get thicker and my stomach a little jigglier. Still wear a 6 or 8 though. I’m not looking to get smaller, just more fit and toned.

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      2. I think that is a great approach…to be fit and toned. I understand the frustration…the scales don’t move for me no matter how hard I work. It can daunting and also frustrating when you work so hard for something.

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