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A to Z Challenge: K stands for Kiss

If someone would have showed me 30 years ago pictures of this band, I would have laughed and thought that they were just playing around.  25 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes and told you that there was no way that they could make music that would interest me. Then about 20 years ago, something happened.

Something called the movie “Dazed and Confused”.  A movie that I absolutely loved, therefore needed to own the soundtrack.  Remember when you owned the soundtracks to all your favorite movies?  Well anyway, it was then that I realized that “Rock and Roll All Nite” was a Kiss song.

I mean, I am sure that I had known the song for years, but I just never really knew what band sang it.  I am also certain that at some point I should have known all of this being that I listened to classic rock.  Though, my Dad was who brought most of classic rock to my attention and I don’t remember him ever mentioning Kiss.

That being said, ever since I was about 16 years old I have appreciated them.  Now again, everyone knows “Rock and Roll All Nite”, its an Anthem.  Then because I am from right outside Detroit, “Detroit Rock City” is another big one.  However, my favorite song by kiss is a ballad, a love song called “Beth”.

If you haven’t ever heard it, please listen to it.  Here in the U.S. it was on a commercial just recently.  It is a beautiful song.  A song about a rocker who isn’t ever home, because he is always with his band developing music.

Two more songs that I quite enjoy are “Shout it Out Loud” and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”.

I was fortunate enough to see Kiss with Aerosmith in concert, sometime about 2004.  It was amazing and a show that I will never forget.  Behind all the costumes, the platform shoes, the big hair and the makeup is a band that I enjoy!



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