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A to Z Challenge: L stands for Lennon, John Lennon

I realized shortly after I posted my quote yesterday, that I should have just waited for today.  That Mr. John Lennon is my muse for the L in the A to Z Challenge.

So, I simply love the Beatles.  Which as a teenager, grew into a love for John Lennon.  So many of his songs bring tears to my eyes.  The beauty, the peace and his voice, move me in a way that very few other artists/bands do.

My all time favorite song by him is “Beautiful Boy” which I just quoted yesterday.  lennon

Even though this song says “Daddy” in it one time, it will be the song that I dance with my son James to at his wedding.  I love it.  A song that no matter how many times I hear it, bring tears of love and joy to my eyes.

The next song that I simply love and remember moving me with its message back in High School is “Imagine”.  I wish that we were getting closer to this then I believe we are.  I once said to my uncle “that is the way it should be” and he said “that song is everything that is wrong with the world”.  20 years later, I still believe that he is wrong.  If we could all just stop seeing the things that separate us and just love, the world could be as one!


When Paul and I got married I walked down the aisle to an Instrumental version of Lennon’s song “Love”.  Just so completely simple, beautiful and the perfect song to walk toward my husband to.

love lennon

The song “Woman” is another song that can bring tears to my eyes.  A beautiful love song to his love Yoko Ono.  A tribute to how much she loves him, cares for him, nurtures him and has really helped him to be a better man.


There really are so so so many songs that I can bring up about Lennon.  I simply think that he is fabulous.  His overlying message of Love and Peace is one that I have never seen equaled.  Thank you Mr. John Lennon for bringing such beautiful music and message into my life.  I will share with my children, who hopefully will pass it on to theirs.

lennon quote


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