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Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/14

Thank you to Iris for writing this and allowing me to post it on my site.  Go check out Gone With the Wind and see what Iris is up to.  She has a lot to say and always brings a smile to my face when I am reading her posts.  Here is what Iris has to say about being a Teenager.

Teenage is a subject of heated debate these days, as it has a different definition for each of us.

I was nominated by https://cmugrad817.wordpress.com/, who proposed me to write about my perspective regarding teenage nowadays. Thank you so much for your kindness and for nominating me! Check her amazing thoughts out, darlings!

Well, i  believe that teenage has a big influence on our adulthood due to the fact that this period is a transition from childhood to a real world. After those 13 years of heaven on earth without responsabilities, without the habitual answers which, honestly, freak me out everytime i hear them (at least once per day): “What do you want to do in your life? What is your dream job? You know that it’s kind of late to be indecisive, don’t you?!”  and without any kind of stress, something changes suddenly and without any explanation. You literally wake up grown. This is how it works, but do the previous generations of teenagers know how this works in present? Let me introduce you in this new world:

Most of the teens are lovers as well as seekers of adrenaline, which means that they always look for new. Everything that seems to be untried, cool or forbidden can conquer their existence. It’s useless to list those “fabulous” actions because we all know what kind of activities they prefer.

And this is one of the most popular quotes spoken by teens:

Being cool and also popular these days is somehow hard and teenagers need to be in the “public’s eye” everytime, but none can blame them for that because every grown up felt the same in their youth.

The new ways in which they try to catch the attention are what they can be blamed for. Popularity differs from group to group and from high school to high school. In general, wearing brand new clothes, having a lot of likes and comments on different social websites, going out almost every day in expensive pubs, restaurants with friends and staying up late watching series, films or just using their phones, laptops  are the activities that passionate most of them.

These activities are the normal ones, but the other part of the popularity is defined by rebellion. A part of their body and a big part of their mind is set on a wish of “freedom”. Free to come home late, to spend their time wherever they want, as much as they want and with people, many of whom distroy teens’ vision of life.


Imagini pentru teenagers tumblr

Parents are a burden for these kind of teenagers and they are considered an obstacle in their way of developing the world. The relationship between parents and their teen is a huge dilemma for both parts these days. The parents are unsatisfied due to the fact that their child doesn’t want to share his/her thoughts with them and always tries to skip deeper conversation. Unfortunately, teens keep secrets only for themselves or share them with their closest friends, act sometimes without thinking twice, don’t communicate enough with older people in order to understand how this life works and get buned. Providing this comprehension beteween teenage and adulthood is about to start, world would be a happier place and a REAL freedom!

I said “them” referring to teenagers throughout my writing because i see this period of life somehow different. Of course i like chatting all night and watching series, wearing brand new clothes and having fun till dawn. I’m a teenager too. I’m just not that type of rebel, in no way and i’m definitely not a seeker of that kind of freedom, but we’ll talk about this aspect in my next posts…..

….To be continued….


6 thoughts on “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/14”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post and it seems harder to be a teenager these days than when I was going through it. Please keep sharing your thoughts and those of your friends with each other, do what you do and never be afraid to make mistakes, that’s how you learn after all. Love to everyone regardless of age, we are all in this together and together we can change things for the better xo

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