A to Z Challenge: M stands for Madonna

OK, so as long as I can remember I have been a Madonna fan.  My next door neighbor when I was little had a cassette tape of Madonna, the first album.  This is still probably by far my most favorite.  Although, I have never owned it.  With songs like “Borderline” “Lucky Star” and “Holiday”, it just had a great feel to it.  Music that I was enjoying, dancing to and singing to at like 6 years old.

The Like a Virgin album, with the title song “Like a Virgin”, “Material Girl” and “Dress you Up” was also great!

As I got older I very much appreciated her other music.  I love the Erotica album.  “Fever”, “Deeper and Deeper” “Bye Bye Baby” and “Rain”.

I enjoyed the song “Beautiful Stranger” from Austin Powers.  “I’ll Remember” from With Honors.  “This Used to be my Playground” from a League of their own.

“Music” and “Don’t Tell me to Stop”.

There are just so many songs to choose from, from decades of greatness.  Sure like any other artist, she has had some hits and misses.

I have never seen Madonna in concert and the reality is, that now I have no desire.  Too much money, for too much fanfare and probably not enough of the songs that I really want to hear anyway.

I own at least 6 Madonna albums and her songs still make me want to sing or get up and dance!  I appreciate her and her music very much!


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