3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

3 day quote challenge.jpg

I was nominated by my friend over at You’re Not Alone In This World.  Seriously go check her out because she is a pretty amazing young lady!!  Not to mention one of my true friends in the Blogosphere.

Here are my quotes for today:


I chose 3 quotes that to me represent my past and how I have learned to embrace it.  If it weren’t for my past, I couldn’t be in my present.  And I love the present and the hopes for the future so much!!!  Life happens and you surely can’t stop it.  You just get to choose how you deal with it.  I’m working with dealing with mine in the best way possible.  At 35, I finally realized that it is a strong person who asks for help!  It is the strength that keeps you going and keeps you optimistic after the storms.

I nominate:

Adventures in Verdance

Lessons from my Daughter





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