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A to Z Challenge: U stands for UB40

OK….so I am sure that a lot of people are either like 1. Who is UB40?  or 2.  Why in the hell did you choose UB40??

My answer is that I LOVE them.  I have never owned an album and maybe that is because I don’t think that the songs that I like can all be found on the same album, unless they have a “greatest hits”.  Maybe they do and I realize now, that maybe I need to look into that.

LOL, there are also only 4 songs by them that I can name.  But, each of these 4 songs makes me feel so awesome when I hear it.  I LOVE the sound of the main singers voice, end of story, I think it is amazing.  Also the horns, the horns make all the music different!

The first song by them that I was introduced to was ” Red Red Wine”.  I owned this on a cassette single when I was like 8 or 9 years old.  My sister and I used to roller skate in our basement to this song!

The second song that I knew by them (still my favorite) is “Falling in Love”.  Most people know this song better by Elvis.  Sorry, Elvis when I was 12, I had no idea you had anything to do with this song.  All I know is that the song was all over the radio and the video was all over VH1 and I loved it.  I used to sit and watch the countdown, just to see this video. When Paul and I got married I kept trying to through this song into the ring for our wedding song and he said that it would have to be the Elvis version.  Well that simply wouldn’t do for me, so needless to say we had a different song.  Seriously, please google it and listen to this song.  I love it.

“The Way You Do The Things You Do” also a song that was remade.  Where I enjoy the original version of this song alot, the Calypso Band sound that they put on the song is wonderful.  When this shows up on my 80s on 8 station on Sirius I turn the radio up.  Though, not as loud as I turn it up when “Here I Am” comes on.  That song is the song that I want to dance to the most and I just think it is a fun, loving song.

I don’t know why I love UB40 so much, but I do!!  Every time I hear them on the radio a big smile comes on my face and turn the radio up.  I encourage my kids to sing and dance.  Even though it isn’t his favorite music, Paul isn’t allowed to change the station either!

Thank you UB40 for being just enough different, that I can’t get enough of you!

I leave you with an image from the “Can’t Help Falling In Love” video!



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