It turns out, I was right!!

So yesterday I posted “I Know and Thank You“.

I thought about writing this post before I did it.  I thought that if it was her and she wanted to identify herself then she could.  If it wasn’t her then it wouldn’t much matter.  Lastly, if she wasn’t comfortable identifying herself, then everything would continue on as it had.

Well sometime around 9am yesterday the blog that I suspected was her “liked” my post. After I noticed that, I send J a text and I said “Was I right, is it you?”  She messaged me back nearly instantly and said “It’s Me.”

This led to an entire day of communicating back and forth.  Apologies for hurt, wrong doings in the past, actions that we can’t take back and most importantly how we made each other feel.

I have been following her and enjoying her posts for MONTHS.  I have liked, commented and even reblogged.  About a month ago, she posted about how she blogs for her, but couldn’t help but wondering if what her kids Mom (me) stumbled upon the blog and read it.  I posted this comment on her page.

“I write about my ex, his wife and our kids. I write about my current husband, our current life and my step children. I own everything that I write. I don’t write anything to hurt anyone, I write my truth. If anyone ever saw my blog, I would hope that they would be adult enough to realize that. I wouldn’t mind at all if my kids step mom blogged about them. What it is like to be a step mom or anything else. That is her truth. Keep writing and stop worrying!”

Bahahaha….little did I know!  She told me yesterday that after reading that, she knew that it was going to be OK.

She has written some pretty harsh things about me.  And that is OK.  That is her truth, I have done some pretty harsh things to her and she deserves to tell her story.  I have written some pretty honest and raw things about her and she respects that.  Again, it is part of my story.

I genuinely hope that this new found information doesn’t change the way that we Blog.  I love reading her stories about the kids and about how she sees me.  After all, she is the only one that can see me from the perspective.  So it is eye opening.  It makes me want to be a better person.

We moved through a lot of history and information yesterday.  Asking questions about the blogs we had read and written.  Thank you J, for the best day WE have ever had.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

21 thoughts on “It turns out, I was right!!

  1. This is so beautiful. Im glad you and J were able to have that communication. 5 days before my divorce is finalized I’m crying for you and for J and partly myself that you are able to have this healing and maybe even closure from things that happened in the past.

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      1. Oh I completely understand. It took me a while but I don’t want my ex AT ALL. I’m still working through my anger and sadness but can see its for the best. It just stinks the way that things went down and how things were handled on all parties parts. I’m so proud of you for being such a strong loving person.

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  2. My parents divorced ages ago when I was just a kid. Your post brought tears to my eyes because co-parenting can be done. Wish my parents and step parents would have worked hard to succeed at this like you all are doing. Keep up the great work.

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  3. I can’t get over what a small world it is. With so many blogs out there and her blogging anonymously and you guys finding each other, reading posts that probably weren’t intended to be read by the other, respecting each other’s truths and opening communication. This is book worthy ladies I’m just saying… 😉

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  4. Reblogged this on The Richness of a Simple Life and commented:
    This is an inspiring story that I think these two ladies should turn into a book someday! I don’t know the details but from this post alone I can see the healing that has come out of using blogging as a way to voice their thoughts. I’m not going to give away the post but Jess and Stephanie, I can definitely see this motivating other blended families to find ways to make it work. I hope that things just get better from here and that you continue to find healing and ways of making it work for the kids and both of their families 🙂

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