Manic Monday Check-In: 4/25

Last week was a just fine week for the blog.  With 466 views, 205 visitors, 329 likes and 44 comments.  It wasn’t the best week ever, but it turns out, that is actually what an average week on my blog looks like now!  Which is pretty exciting with 8 months in 2015 with just aContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 4/25”

REBLOG: 10 Interesting Facts And Stories About Prince — WWMX-FMWWMX-FM

Here’s a list of 10 interesting facts about Prince, who died yesterday at the age of 57: 1. Prince WAS his real name. His full name was Prince Rogers Nelson. 2. He wrote his first song at the age of seven. It was called “Funk Machine”. 3. He said he was once so poor that… viaContinue reading “REBLOG: 10 Interesting Facts And Stories About Prince — WWMX-FMWWMX-FM”

A to Z Challenge: S stands for STYX

STYX….oh STYX, I had no clue how much I loved you until I was an adult.  Years that I could have been listening to you that I had very little clue all the musical goodness that you had to offer. I have known the song “Mr. Roboto” for as long as I can remember.Though, IContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: S stands for STYX”

A to Z Challenge: R stands for The Rolling Stones

OH, the Rolling Stones!!!  Let me just say that I have been to quite a few concerts that I am proud of.  Though, going to see the Rolling Stones was probably the one that I am still most happy to say that I got to do. Now I don’t remember if it was the summerContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: R stands for The Rolling Stones”

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

I was nominated by my friend over at You’re Not Alone In This World.  Seriously go check her out because she is a pretty amazing young lady!!  Not to mention one of my true friends in the Blogosphere. Here are my quotes for today: I chose 3 quotes that to me represent my past andContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1”

Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/21

Hi! I’m Sumedha, also known as Iridescence, from light up the shining night stars. I’m 17 years old and I live in India. I’ve just completed my 12th grade and will be going to college soon – for either computer science engineering or literature. Being a teen in India is being ruled by academics. You areContinue reading “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/21”