Another Blogging Milestone

So this morning’s post was my 400th post on this blog.  Considering that my 100th post was written on New Years Eve, that is HUGE.  I blogged very sporadically for 14 months. Then on New Years Day I decided to start blogging purposefully.  Now in just over 4 months, I have posted 300 times.

Having a focus, spreading the love in the blogosphere and a wonderful group of readers has continued to inspire me.

You continue to read and I will continue to write.  Thank you!


11 thoughts on “Another Blogging Milestone”

      1. Madeline posted about it. I’m going to see if it works. She discovered four different “user names” were showing up from the same city. Entirely possible, I guess but still a little weird, maybe.
        Seeing who visits from other countries is great but seeing who is visiting from different cities would be great as well. 🙂

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