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Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 5/5

Siya from Amazing Juvenile is our guest blogger today.  Thank you Siya!   If you are interested in writing your own teenage post, please check out the blog that started it all.  “Calling All Teenage Bloggers
I am Siya and I am 13 years old. Thank you so much Stephanie for giving me this golden opportunity, to do a guest post on your amazingly fantastic blog. It means a lot to me! So, I live in India and this is my first guest post 🙂 I study in grade 8. 
We, teenagers have changed a lot from the recent past. We are a ‘Technology’ generation. It’s mind-blowing to be a teenager at this time but there are many drawbacks, our lives are not like a bed of roses. Parents are expecting so much from us, that they’ve forgotten that we haven’t qualified as adults. We are told to act like a mature, but we still tend to be treated like kids.
We’re blooming flowers, and we need to be loved, admired and respected. Was this the case 20 years ago? I really dunno. I haven’t lived the life my parents had lived. But I surmise that it was not the same.. my parents won’t have undergone, what I am undergoing. We like to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook and we’re satisfied when we get some likes. We compare ourselves, to other kids. We just can’t help it. We are told that we are the messed up generation with selfies, social media and what not, but half of us aren’t. Why is everyone so stereotypical? 
My mind is turbulent and loads of thoughts spin around in my head. My emotions take a roller coaster ride, sometimes. From being happy, I can become sad in barely a minute. I am overworked and overstressed as all teenagers are at some point. And if want to spend a little time alone, I just don’t get it. There comes a time when each and every one of us reaches their limit.  I miss being a little-five-year-old-girl who had to wake up, remember to brush her teeth, and play. 
Although, these are my first teenage years, (as I turned Thirteen in October only) I also infer that teenagers of every generation face the similar issues; like the same story set in different times. Teenagers in the past, used to go to their friends’ houses to tell them about a great new movie, but we in this generation can just tweet, or put our status to share the same information. These were my thoughts.
Hakuna Matata,
~Siya XOXO

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