My Favorite Mother’s Day Post’s

There were so many incredible Mother’s Day Post’s last weekend, that I felt like I had to share a bunch of them.  Though I wasn’t really sure what the best way was.  So, I decided to make one post that linked them all!!

To all of you, Happy Mother’s Day!!!  I’m sorry if it didn’t go as expected, but Happy Mother’s Day.  Have faith that one year someone will understand just how important it is to recognize you and your day!  Mothers are Mothers, no matter how they come to us!!!

A few of you wrote about the awkward moment in church where the “Mothers” stand up. Well, my church no longer does that.  Though, even when they did, they included Mothers and everyone born of a Mother (so everyone was standing by the end).  This year they did something different and talked about every single path that one would become a mother.  Even those who have yet to become a mother!!

Being a stepmom on Mothers Day doesn’t have to be hard!  It can be, sure, I understand that.  I am a step-mom (of 3 children, from 2 different Moms) and a bio mom of 2 children who have a step-mom.  You can make it work.  I know how important Mother’s Day is to the “other” 3 Moms and they know how important it is to me.  None of the rest of those 3 Moms are currently both bio-moms and step-moms, so they don’t understand things from my perspective.  Though my perspective is that I would LOVE to be will ALL 6 of my kids every Mother’s Day, but that isn’t always how it works out.

I do always get a phone call from the 3 step-kids, even if they aren’t here and my husband makes sure to get a card in order with all 6 kids name on it!  Yes, my husband is the one who takes care of that, the only other “common” member of our whole family.  He makes certain that even if NO ONE else recognizes Mother’s Day for me that he does.  Most of this comes from the fact that he would be in the Dog House if he didn’t, LOL!!!  He also, takes the kids to buy their Bio-Moms cards!  Just as I make sure that the kids do something special for their step-mom.  It is a respect thing.  We spread the love all around, maybe too much, but you can bet your Ass no one is going to feel “left out”.

I wish the same for all of you beautiful Moms in the future.  And, I fully realize that not everyone is as forward as I am.  Though, letting someone know just how important/special this day is to you, might just go a long way.  If we don’t let the men know (sometimes they are really dense), they may just see it as any other day!!

OK now for the posts:  Please go take a look

Happy Mother’s Day 2016, Stepmom!

Mother’s Day as a Step-parent

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Mother’s Day Post’s

    1. OH you are so welcome!! I thought it was beautiful!! I am so happy that your Step-mom loves you in a way that your Mother couldn’t. It brought tears to my eyes to read your open story. It also made me even more happy that both me, my kids Step-Mom and the other kids bio-moms, all love and support the kids! 🙂

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