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Anything is Possible

Sometimes things aren’t easy, but they are possible.  Sometimes things seem as if they will never happen, but then they do.  Sometimes even the seemingly impossible, is in fact possible.

Over the last few weeks, my new found relationship with Jess (my kids step-mom) has shown me that anything is possible.

If we can overcome our hurdles, our obstacles and our hurt feelings, then I truly believe all things are possible.

The possibility of our relationship, doesn’t really end with our friendship though.  Or, maybe it does.

I have read so many stories about co-parenting that doesn’t work or seems “impossible”. When, even when Jess and I weren’t friends, we were still co-parenting fairly well.  We attend the kids events together, we share stories and give each other “the heads up” when dealing with difficult situations.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been possible.

There are just so many things that we choose no to fight about.  It has been a rare occasion that we have argued about who gets the kids when, on what day and which holiday’s.  Most of the time, we can figure that out with very little frustration.

To those who may be reading this, who may be faced with the “impossible” situation right now of co-parenting or even becoming friends with the “other parents”, I just want to tell you it is POSSIBLE.

When you can stop thinking that everything that they are doing is some kind of attack, jab or disrespect to you, you can open your eyes to the fact that they too are just doing the best they know how.

As the adult, you have to make the choice to believe that it is POSSIBLE.  To work so that co-parenting peacefully is in fact the only possibility.  A peace that passes understanding. You many not ever understand, but you can still respect.  Make it Possible!



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