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Guest Post

It came to my attention last week that not everyone knows other bloggers in real life.  So, I guess in that area, I’m pretty lucky.  At very least, I know 2.  One of them is my boss, Emily.  She gave me the courage to start blogging to begin with.

Sometime after I started my job nearly 2 years ago, Emily and I became friends on Facebook.  At some point after that one of her blogs ended up in my news feed and I decided to read it.  Then I continued to read whenever I noticed them.  Emily’s blog inspired me to start writing because she made it seem so simple.

So….without any further adieu, a Guest Post from The Corner Office.  GO CHECK HER OUT!

One Word Per Post-It

Imagine a young woman, around the age of 22, sitting in a college classroom waiting for her African American studies class to start. As a relatively naïve, white, young adult that had little experience talking about race, culture, or diversity in any shape or form – her nerves, and her interest, were peaked. Class began and the first thing that the professor did was pass out stacks of post-it notes to each student.

“Write down the answer to this question – “Who are you?” one word per post-it.”

Anxiety grew amongst the room full of undergrad students, what’s the catch and how do I begin to describe myself on a series of post-it notes?

The young woman began writing down words – female, daughter, sister, blonde, student, sarcastic, intelligent, etc. The post-its were collected and put on the board. Once the last word was displayed the professor proceeded to pull off each note, reading the word, making a comment on how stupid the word was and dropping it into the garbage can. Two post-its were left, both with the word “human” on them. Half the students pretended that they knew the point of the activity the whole time, the other half laughed it off, and one student hung her head as the teacher pointed out the two “blonde” students who were so ridiculous for using their hair color to describe themselves.

I supposed you could guess who the naïve, white, young woman was that started out her semester feeling even more discouraged after her first class than she did when she walked in the door. One could also imagine that since that experience, this young woman has struggled to describe herself in a concise and accurate way that doesn’t sound boastful, inconsequential, or, quite frankly, stupid.

When Stephanie asked me if I wanted to guest post on her blog, I was not only excited, but also honored that she wanted to introduce me to her followers. At first I was unsure of what I could write about that would be interesting to the fine people that have been reading Making Time for Me, all of my children have four legs so I couldn’t possibly write about parenting, I could never attempt to go toe-to-toe with Stephanie on music trivia, and love for American politics is hardly a universal pastime. As, it turns out, all I have to do is use words to describe myself – we all know how that turned out last time!

“Sometimes I feel incredibly disconnected, really uncomfortable in my own skin. Kind of, like I don’t fit in this world. Like I was born at the wrong time, and I don’t belong.” – Haley, One Tree Hill

I know, I’m a fully grown adult that quotes a teenage drama series from ten years ago. I am fully aware of how nerdy that seems, but in my thirty-one years on this planet I haven’t found any words that more accurately describe my connection to the world. Sometimes, it just seems like I don’t fit, like I am always going against the grain. I am not the person that has a group of best friends that I’ve known all of my life, I don’t have a crew of individuals that I went to high school or college with that will be the “aunts” and “uncles” to the children I don’t plan on having. The people that I have connected with, that are a guiding force in my life, are my family and a select group of people I have met in adulthood. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Regardless of my disconnection to the norm, I have people that have grounded me, supported me, taught me, and let me be me. It’s my connection to them that allows me to feel connected to the whole. So, for the times when I’m feeling disconnected, I turn to them to remind me that it’s okay to be who I am, whether it fits into the world or not.

Creating and writing for The Corner Office has opened a creative outlet for me and a connection to people across the world. I write about my life, my work, my family, my view from my home office on everything happening around me. I try to remain grateful for the people and things I have in my life that keep life interesting and moving forward, I’ve been known to just blog a list of things I’ve been grateful for throughout the week. I have a strange addiction to binge watching television series on Netflix – all of which I’ve seen numerous times before. I can quote The Office, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters, or New Girl without skipping a beat. I find American politics fascinating and enjoy yelling at the TV anytime Donald Trump opens his mouth. I enjoy my weekends and the work that I do in between them.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, granddaughter, manager, blonde, white, sarcastic, funny, intelligent, nerdy, overweight, obsessive-compulsive, controlling, hopeful, writer, pet mother, friend, TV lover, caregiver, blue-eyed, book loving, music listening, blogger. Just to name a few.

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Emily at The Corner Office

  1. You are lucky to know two bloggers in real life Stephanie! 🙂

    What a great post! So fun to be able to collaborate like that! Life is what you make of it, it’s for living. No sense in doing anything other than what resonates with you because then you wouldn’t be living it for yourself and that’s an injustice to you. Celebrate you for who you are! 🙂

    I’m lucky that I know both of you even if only in the blogosphere 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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