Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 5/19

I’d like to say Thank you so Just a Blank Space for providing our Guest Blog today.   If you are interested in writing your own teenage post, please check out the blog that started it all.  “Calling All Teenage Bloggers

Hi there, 

I am Just A Blank Space and I am sixteen years old. I live and was born in Germany. Last year I was lucky to be able to do a exchange year in the Utah. For one year I lived with a host family and went to school to a real high school. Since I was asked to write a post about being a teenager I thought I would compare how it is to be a teenager in the US and how it is to be a teenager in Germany. Let’s go right at it.  

For me being a teenager is really stressful. I am at a certain stage in my life where I want to find out who I am and what I want to do in the future. Adding to that I have a lot of stress in school. Now I don’t want to explain the whole German school system but lets say it is way more work than high school.  I write about 40 exams a year and you are expected to know and work a lot morethan I was in high school. Usually I have a little break down twice a year because of all that school stress and the pressure I put on myself. 

Social Media is a huge part of being a teenager now days. It influences us in so many ways. Not can you find any information you want to know within seconds but you can also learn everything you want. I am a really creative person and I try to learn lettering by watching videos online. To be honest I can’t imagine to not be able to go on the internet. Social media has so many aspects I can’t even talk about everything or you would be reading this for hours.  

As a teenager in Germany I am really independent. I can do and go almost wherever I want. I can get there by train, bus or even by bike. That was different in the US. In the US my host dad had to drive me around all the time and that was really annoying.  

Now Alcohol. This wasn’t a part of my life in the US at all but in Germany you are allowed to drink beer with sixteen. I don’t do it because I have a fructose intolerance but all my friends do it. I actually know a lot of people who are not sixteen yet and already drink. There is no party without alcohol and drunk people and I don’t understand that at all. 

That’s about it. I can’t think of anything else right know and my vision is slowly fainting because I have to go to the eye specialistand had to take eye drops. Thanks you for reading 

Just A Blank Space

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