Kindness Challenge: Week 2


I am taking part in the Kindness Challenge.  If you haven’t heard about it, click here.  A wonderful challenge that makes you see the beautiful and the positive in the world around you!

Week 2: Observe Kindness Around You

I observed so much kindness around me this week.  I wrote down all kinds of things in my journal.  People saying “Please” and “Thank You”, which I believe it a lost art.  People giving hugs and kisses.  Offering words of love, appreciation and gratitude!  Opening doors, holding/carrying packages, doing extra tasks, cheering people up and just trying to be helpful!

There are a few things that I would like to pinpoint though.

First and foremost, my children and how much they say “I Love You.”  It is seriously one of the most beautiful, positive things in my life.  They will randomly come up to you, throw their arms around you and tell you that they love you.  Simple as that.  They know that they do things that drive us crazy, heck we also do things that drive them crazy.  However, about once an hour they can be heard telling at least one other person in our household how much they love them and giving a kiss or a hug.

kindness (1)

Second, I was out to lunch with some co-workers earlier this week.  It was a nice lunch at one of our favorite spots, a middle-eastern restaurant.  As we walked in, we realized that the Executive Leadership team from our organization were also there for lunch.  We went about our business, enjoyed our lunch and had fun.  At the end, the waitress told us that our bill was taken care of.  The CEO of our giant organization had treated us to lunch. She came over and we said “Thank You” and she said “No, Thank You”!


Lastly, figuring out the schedules for our kids for a couple weeks from now. I kept meaning to reach out to Jess and ask her if it was OK if we kept James and Jordan until Memorial Day.  We typically take them home at 4 on Sunday’s.  Though sometimes when it falls on a Holiday weekend, we keep them an extra day.  Especially when it is a weekend where all 6 kids will be at the house.  So, I finally remembered to ask Jess.  While talking, she responded and told me Yes and that I could just keep them for their days that week, if we wanted to. That Friday Jess and Matt will be taking James, Jordan and Noah (mine and Paul’s son) until Wednesday while Paul and I go on vacation.  It never occurred to me to ask for them to give up their days, but she offered it up.  That way we can see the kids for a few extra days, since we are going to be without them for 5 days.

There was kindness all around me this week.  The thing is, it is all in your perspective.  If you are positive and looking for the positive, you can certainly find it!


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10 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge: Week 2

  1. What a great post. Sounds like you found kindness everywhere. I agree that saying and hearing Thank you and Please makes all the difference. And hearing I love you every day makes everything worthwhile. 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad you were able to witness so much kindness around you! What a great week! I love how the CEO covered lunch for you guys not only kind but what a way to feel appreciated! That’s awesome!


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