Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap

I am participating in the Kindness Challenge.  If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out here.  Yesterday was the last day of Week 3.

Week 3 was all about kind energy.  Niki said this ” We are going to focus our thoughts and actions on coming from a place of kindness. Speaking kind words, thinking kind thoughts, and acting and reacting in kind ways. Our goal is to radiate kindness. Use the everyday opportunities in your life to come from a place of kindness, I encourage you to start at home. What better place to practice your efforts of guiding your thoughts so that your actions can come from a place of kindness?”

I tried, my God, I tried.  I have a HUGE problem with Reacting to people.  Even though, I typically start from a happy positive place, the second that something gets under my skin, I am like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

OH well, I bit my tongue so many times this past week.  I just nodded and smiles so much I thought my head was going to fall off.  I reached out, I asked caring and thoughtful questions, I went out of my way and was super helpful.  All just to get shit on over and over, by the one person I was specifically throwing this kind energy at.

However, I found Kind Energy coming back to me from so many other people instead. Which really just proves everything that I think about the way the world works.  You get out, what you put in.  Karma!

So, I’m going to show you where I saw all the wonderful energy!!

  1. On Tuesday at work it was a beautiful day.  My team went out to lunch together, which is always enjoyable.  Then on our way back to work, we all got slurpees.  The weather was gorgeous, so we worked outside for like 3 hours.  I took my laptop out to the courtyard, kicked my shoes off and got work done.  It was amazing.  My co-workers and I were soaking in the sun, enjoying conversation and just having a great afternoon at work.
  2. On Wednesday James had a baseball game.  Now for those of you who have been reading/following, you know that Jess and I are friends now.  Jess is the kid’s stepmom.  However, our new found friendship and ease of getting along is something that others are still getting used to.  My Dad was sitting next to Jess at the game.  I looked down in the middle of the game and I saw the two of them talking. Having what I imagine was their first real conversation ever.  It brought a tear to my eyes.
  3. Also on Wednesday I got a text from a good friend.  She said that if we could come and pick them up by Saturday, that her couches were ours.  Currently in our living room we had a love seat and a sofa.  Both which were pretty beat up and had seen much better days, like 10 years ago. Though we weren’t going to buy new furniture, because we are hoping to move in about a year and want to buy furniture that will work for our new space.  So, I was just dealing with it, but not liking it much at all. Well a couple friends of ours moved, got new furniture and were looking to get ride of their old set.  So, it isn’t new, just new to us, a little bit worn, but in MUCH better shape than our old stuff.  They gave us a coffee table and 2 end tables too.  I am in love with my new furniture 🙂
  4. Lastly, all wonderful things we were able to do with our kids this weekend.  First the older 3 boys went and helped my parents with some landscaping Saturday morning. My Dad even paid them!  Then we went with my parents to the Swim Club that they belong to.  3 hours in the pool and in the sun, just enjoying ourselves.  Sunday we started the day at the Zoo, all 8 of us for the first time this season.  Then we headed right over to our friends house for a BBQ.  The kids were so good at the first BBQ, we went to a second BBQ.  We were out for 10 hours and had a great time.  We are so fortunate to have friends that invite us to come over to their house and welcome all 6 of our children.

So, even though I didn’t get the Kind Energy back from the person that I was seeking it from.  I did get it back in life.  I put kindness out there and it was returned.  I have always believed that you get what you put in, even if it isn’t exactly the way that you thought it was going to be.

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12 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap

  1. Sounds like you really tried this week if tongue biting was where you started…I find sometimes that alone can halt a negative occurring…or escalating…sometimes people in a bad mood need us to listen and defuse them rather than assume an attack and retaliate…it takes a good person to step back and take the lead in not reacting unmindfully and by instinct or, as I call it, a default mind that is not in the moment and entirely mindfull.

    Lovely conclusion…the kindness is in giving but not automatically expecting it back…if we expect it by default then are we truly being kind? I’m not so sure….it’s nice and a real feel good if it is returned…but it’s not conditional methinks 😊

    Thank you for sharing 🙃

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  2. Sometimes your expectations can cloud your vision of what could already be there. Perhaps, looking at this person in a different lens might show you there is a subtle kindness you might be overlooking. As Niki mentioned kindness is seen in different ways: saying, doing, hearing, listening. If you lead by example the other person may just start following along too. May your week 4 be rewarding to you. 🙂

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  3. Sorry that you didn’t receive kindness in the way you expected. I am happy to hear about all of the other ways you noticed it though. I wonder what that person might have been thinking. If you were reacting in a way you typically wouldn’t maybe they didn’t know how to react. It might take time for them to get used to this upgraded version of yourself. Keep working at it, sometimes we don’t see the results we expect but that doesn’t mean it’s not working 😉

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    1. This person has been shitting on everyone for months. So, I thought if I very conciously sent kind energy her way, maybe it’d be different. It wasn’t, not at all. It was a horrible week with her, so in general. ..this was the nail in the coffin that tells me it’s not me, is her.

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      1. Yeah I had that type of person in my work life for a few years… Ultimately I had to leave because it was a very unhealthy environment and I was not in the state of mind I am these days. I also saw it was her not me because her interactions with everyone were as bad as they were with me. Either way it just wasn’t something I could deal with on a long term basis when I was struggling with depression and very seriously contemplated suicide… Point being I understand where you’re coming from. I commend you for making that effort to send kindness her way. I feel bad that she’s not open to receiving kindness in a way that it’s outwardly visible. I hope that you remain kind even if it’s just by being cordial because sometimes it’s hard to go out of your way to be nice to someone that makes you feel so rotten.

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      2. I will continue to be kind. I’ve just accepted that I may never see it or notice it in return. And she won’t be someone that I can be friends with unless something shifts. It isn’t effecting my work. ..yet. I’m really good at my job. just ask me 😊 And I love my job and the organization I work at. My personal life is the BEST it has been in years. So I’ll keep doing me.

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  4. It’s not always easy to be kind, no doubt about it, especially when you’re surrounded by that sort of negativity. But good on you for biting your tongue and still putting kindness out there. It will come back to you in other forms, it always does. Hope you’re having a good week. 🙂

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  5. I’m sorry about your ongoing experience with this negative person in your life. Some people can’t handle positive energy and actually enjoy bringing other people down. Don’t let her win, you are stronger than that!
    As for the lovely conversation I had with your dad…he has ALWAYS been one of my favorite people in your family. He has never made me feel unwelcome, no matter what our situation was at the time. You are one lucky daughter and the kids are so lucky to have a Papa like him ❤

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