Our Wonderful Weekend

So…in the U.S. it was Memorial Day.  A day for remembering our fallen soldiers.  The soldiers that fought so hard for our freedom that they never made it out.

I appreciate all of the soldiers.  I appreciate everyone who has done everything to give me the freedoms and the wonderful life that I enjoy today.  But…having the extra day off is nice too (even if I am the only one willing to publicly admit it.)

On Friday the hubs and I were able to get some new furniture.  The furniture itself isn’t brand new, it is hand-me-down from some great friends.  However, it is new to us and our old stuff was SO beat up.  We couldn’t justify buying new stuff because hopefully we will be moving in about a year and maybe our space will look different.  We want to wait and buy for the new space, not our current space.  Anyway, here is our new furniture, I couldn’t be happier!!


It looks so good and I am so happy.  We had both a couch and a love seat before, but these are bigger and fluffier.  Way more room for our whole family to sit 🙂

On Saturday the older 3 boys headed over to my parents house to help with some yard work.  My Dad even paid them to do it, so nice!!  Then, we went to the Swim Club with my parents.  They belong to a Swim Club in our city and invite us to go there a few times every year.  Memorial Day weekend is when they open and we enjoyed it for 3 hours on Saturday.

The kids had an amazing time and no one got burned.  This is a huge success when you are taking 6 kids with all different types of complexions out in the 90 degree sun for 3 hours.  I am super paranoid about this.  After a few hours at the pool, we headed home to relax for the rest of the day.

On Sunday we were up and out the door around 9:30 to head to the Zoo.  Our Zoo just opened up a new penguin exhibit and it is so amazing.

We walked around the zoo for a couple of hours.  Taking in everything, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some exercise.

After the Zoo we went to a BBQ at our friends house.  We ate lunch, played corn hole and just had a really good time.  After a few hours we asked the kids if they were ready to leave. They all were.  We asked them if they wanted to go home or go to a second BBQ.  Well at a 3-2 vote, we headed off to the second BBQ of the day.  We played outside there and ate dinner.  It was a crazy, busy, beautiful day.  Our kids were terrific.  We are so fortunate that we can head out for 10 hours, do 3 different things and for the most part our 6 kids are game for anything and act like decent human beings (for the most part).


Three of the kids asleep in the car on the way home!!  LOL 🙂

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