3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

Megs over at Midnight With Megs just nominated me for the 3 day quote challenge.  We have slowly been building our friendship on here and I really appreciate our conversation and her posts.  Go check her out! I have been nominated for this challenge a couple of times and I always enjoy it!! As is typicalContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1”

The Good, the bad and the ugly truth: My Smile is Back

Shhhh. I’m kvetching (ranting). It’s Friday. Good News: My effervescent (not in a gassy way), cheerful, and sunny disposition has been fully restored to my punim (face) as I recently regained the u… Source: The Good, the bad and the ugly truth: My Smile is Back

Weekend Meet & Greet with Niki

Welcome to the party! Excuse the mess, this weekend snuck up on me! So have a seat and make yourself cozy. This weekend we’re having a pizza party, so let me know what your favorite kind of pizza and drink in the comments and we’ll place our order!😉 via Meet & Greet! Pizza Party — The RichnessContinue reading “Weekend Meet & Greet with Niki”

Introduce Yourself 5/27

Last weekend I hosted an “Introduce Yourself”. It was so successful that I am going to keep doing it every weekend until it fizzles out. Though, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen!!! Here is what I would like!!!  I don’t want it to be a Big, Meet & Greet, that is not what I am lookingContinue reading “Introduce Yourself 5/27”

Tuesday at Ten: {LEARN}

  On a daily basis I am reminded that there are things that I can’t control.  Well, for a control freak like me sometimes this is a challenge.  If I could stop to think about, I would know that I need to knock it off.  The problem is, that isn’t how my brain works.  MyContinue reading “Tuesday at Ten: {LEARN}”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 5/26

This post is written by someone who hasn’t been a teen in a couple of years.  When I originally called people to post I had said that even 20 or 21 would work, as they would have a recent reflection on the subject.  I believe this is the first 21 year old we have had.Continue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 5/26”

One Empty Glass

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of things that I talked to my Therapist about on Monday. Those posts are Therapy Yesterday and What Do You Think About…GUILT. There was one other thing that we touched on in the last few minutes of my session.  A negative person in my life who has been sucking the life outContinue reading “One Empty Glass”