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May: Month in Review

How it started, how it ended and where we are going?

Well, Making Time For Me had its BEST MONTH EVER.  Which is just so exciting.  I just love writing so much and if it is just 1 person that reads, that would be all I need, but knowing that more and more are being added every day thrills me.

3,877 views for the month of May from 1,160 visitors.  1, 889 likes and 555 comments on posts.

My Introduce Yourself Post was the most popular accounting for nearly 200 of the views. That was when I had the Most Views ever in one day at 253.

There were views from 55 different countries.  Including Qatar,  Liechtenstein, Bahrain as well as Trinidad & Tobago.    Absolutely love when I have to get out the map to look to see where all the different countries are.

Making Time For Me gained 73 new followers in the month of May.  That along with 5 award nomination I really felt the love this month.

It has been a lot of fun participating in the Kindness Challenge for the last few weeks and having it continue on into June.  What ever will I do for July?  Any good ideas for a challenge, let me know?  I really enjoy a topic/idea to focus my writing a month at a time.

Well over all May was awesome.  Thank you to everyone who reads and encourages my writing in any way/shape/form.

Here’s to June!




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