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Proud to be Proud Tag

I came across this post in my reader by Em Somerset: The Proud to be Proud Tag

She said….”So I saw that the amazing Luna created this tag, and I saw Elm‘s post (its awesome, check it out). What you have to do is use the #ProudToBeProud hashtag, and write 5 to 15 things you’re proud of about yourself, and do it proudly. I understand from the other two’s posts that this is difficult to do, but it’s great to be proud of yourself and things that you have achieved! My target is ten…let’s do this!”

Then I thought, why is it so hard for people to be proud of themselves?  I am a pretty proud person, I can look around me all the time and see things to be proud of.  As you can see, I am very humble, LOL!

Anyhow….here are some things that I am proud of.

  1.  I have both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degree
  2. I have 6 AMAZING kids
  3. I have a husband whom I adore
  4. He adores me too
  5. I have a friendship with my kids stepmom
  6. I have a career that I am passionate about and that I am pretty good at
  7. I have accepted help for the things that I can not control
  8. I am only 8 pounds heavier than I was 15 years and 3 children ago
  9. I have a great relationship with my parents
  10. My sister is one of my best friends
  11. I go what feels like months without seeing my BFFs, but I know that they are still….my BFFs
  12. People come to me for advice
  13. My kids say “I LOVE you” like ALL the time, without prompting!

I’m sure that there are more, but it is good to take a minute to think about things to be proud of.  Sometimes, we start thinking about all the things we would like to change instead of the things that are already pretty amazing!

And…if you see this you should totally participate!!!

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