Kindness Challenge: Week 4 Reflection


Kindness Challenge Week 4: Be Kind  Sounds so simple and actually this week was probably the most natural week for me.  Gaining some perspective from Niki and exercises to help you incorporate it into my daily life.  As I was reading the list, I realized that these are things that I do on a regular basis.  Which said to me, I am regularly putting kindness out into the universe.  Don’t get me wrong, I am also regularly putting bitchiness out in the universe too, but perhaps it is all finding its balance.

I work for a non-profit organization.  I love my job and I love where I work.  There are over 400 employees, so there is virtually no way to know everyone you see.  My team is only 5 people and we work closely with another 10 or so people.  Outside of that, you have to work to remember people’s names.  There are also like 10 or 12 different buildings that we all work in, so you may not see someone for months after you have a meeting with them.

I love getting to know everyone that I can who works for my organization.  Then when I see them, I make eye contact with them and if I can remember it, I greet them by name.  If I can’t remember their name, I try to cheat and look at their name tag, then use it to greet them.  I say “hi”, I ask about their day, I treat them with kindness.

We also have a complicated work entrance.  You have to have a key card specific for the building in order to get in.  So there are always a lot of people waiting to be buzzed in.  So, when I recognize them I always just hold the door for them and let them in the building. When they are there as visitors, I greet them, hold the door open for them and show them to the desk where they can be helped further.

While at Panera this week for a work meeting, I greeted the staff member who was taking my order by name. They have their name tag on, it is clear as day.  “Hello Sarah” and “Thank you Sarah.”  It really isn’t that hard.  I also did the same to the lady who called my name to let me know that my food was ready.  I learned this from my ex-husband.  He is in the restaurant business.  Regularly, I would go to his restaurant and I wanted to get to know his staff.  So, I would look at their name tag or listen to their introduction and I would use it every single time they came to the table.  Taking my order, bringing me water, or just asking if everything was OK, “Thank you Mike” again, it isn’t hard 🙂

I am proud to say that my instinct, most of the time to is to be kind.  Saying Hello, greeting by name, making eye contact and holding doors.  Making things a little bit personal, gives you a connection.  Which at the end of the day, I believe is what we are all looking for.




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One thought on “Kindness Challenge: Week 4 Reflection

  1. I love how realize you’re more kind than you give yourself credit for. What a great feeling! I agree, there are lots of ways of being mindful and courteous of others that aren’t hard we just have to remember to do it. I’m so glad this was such a successful week for you that comes so naturally 🙂

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