#Blog, #MakingTimeForMe, Whatever Wednesday


My head is playing “Back to Life, Back to Reality.”

After 4 Days with no cares or worries other than making sure we arrived to our destination safely, today it is back to the “Real World.”

Taking Care of my 3 year old, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and all kinds of other stuff.  I don’t report back to work until Monday, so that is nice.

In the mean time our dryer took a dump last week and I’m supposed to get a new one tomorrow.  Though, I am waiting on the call to see what time that will happen.  My daughter has a dance recital tomorrow night, so if Home Depot knows what is good for them, they will be here before Noon!!!

Our Lawn Mower decided to stop working a couple of weeks ago.  It will start, but won’t continue running for longer than a few second.  So my back yard has grass that is a good 12 inches lawn (yes I am that neighbor right now).  My friend was supposed to fix it, but he had a family emergency and had to head out to England.  I think I am going to have to go knock on my neighbors door and ask for a favor.

So, now I have a mound of laundry and a mound of lawn that needs tending too and I’m not entirely sure how I am going to rectify the situation.  Especially with the 3 year old back in the house.

This is the day with the most humps I have had in a LONG time!!!  So to that I say,Whatever…..Wednesday!  Imagine me sticking up my middle finger.  LOL

hump day


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