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Manic Monday Check-In: 6/6

OK, OK….so I know what you are thinking….it is Friday!!!

Yes, it is Friday, but I need to do my check-in for the week.  As some of you know we were on vacation.  We didn’t have wifi at the hotel and I couldn’t go back and forth between stats and writing a blog as easily as I would have liked.

I am a creature of habit and found myself missing the post where I break down my week (yes, I missed writing it), so I decided better late than never.

Last week was another typical week at Making Time for Me.  I love that for the most part my days and my weeks are consistent enough now that I know what is “average”.

716 views from 300 visitors and 395 likes with 72 comments.  My most read post for the week was my Tuesday @ Ten Post :Voice

I ended last week with 473 WordPress Followers, slowly but surely creeping up to that 500 mark!

I hope that everyone else had a wonderful blogging week too!!


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