The Therapy Session That Wasn’t!!!

Last week, I realized that I didn’t have my next Therapy appointment written down in my planner.  Every Thursday I make my work plan for the week ahead and send it to my boss. So, I reached out to my therapist and asked her when my next scheduled appointment was.  She messaged me back and said on the 20th at 4pm.  Alright, sounds good!  I didn’t need to worry about it in my weekly plans.

Fast forward to yesterday, I had a meeting at 3pm.  When I got back to my phone from my meeting, I had a text and a missed call.  Both from my Therapist.  I picked up the phone and saw…”Are you on your way?”  I messaged her right back and said, “You told me that it was on the 20th at 4pm.”

Then, I was like “Oh Great” I missed my therapy appointment, maybe I misunderstood what she sent to me.  I scanned up higher on my text message just to make sure and this is what it said…


She messaged me right back and said “OH MY GOD”, I did write that.  She then said, it didn’t even occur to me until right now, that today is NOT the 20th.  I am so sorry.  Then she went on to say, you do not have an appointment on the 20th, you had one today and one on the 27th.  LOL….OK.

I messaged her back and said this ” Well, I will see you in 2 weeks.  But, the good news is, everything is great is here.”  She apologized again!

The truth is that sometimes I have things really weighing on my heart and taking their toll on me mentally.  These things, I come to the couch ready to unload on her.  I didn’t feel like that yesterday though.  I feel the lightest I have felt in years.

Had we had therapy I would have shared with her all the amazing things about our vacation to Myrtle Beach.  I would have shared with her the successes of Jordan’s dance recital and James’ baseball game.  How it felt to have a conversation with my ex in-laws for the first time in 6 years.  Lastly, how having 4 days away from my 3 year old actually made me appreciate him SO MUCH MORE since we got home!  All GOOD things.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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