Reblog: Perfection

Sophia SinclairI can spend hours trying to think of the most cliché beautiful lines in hopes that someone will quote me one day, but the reality of that is it isn’t me. I don’t speak in a poetic kind of way that makes people’s hearts melt, that’s not me. I swear, I yell and I… via […]

Reblog: Alpha Female

So, I read this great article by Andrea Wesley on The Bolde entitled “The Dating Struggles of an Alpha Female” and sighed. This is so me. I am an alpha female. I have a tribe. A tribe of other women who are alpha females. I am not alone. What was interesting was that I could […]

Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategies – 4/14/16

I haven’t been reading as many blogs as I usually due because my energies have been focused on a few other things going on in the “real” world.  I will resume my reading schedule … Source: Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategies – 4/14/16

A Follow Up from Yesterday…

Yesterday I published the post Yesterday… this was about Tuesday! Please take a minute to read it if you haven’t done so already.  For the first time in my life (that I can remember) I walked away from a bad situation without prompting.  Now, I have walked away before, but usually it isn’t my idea or I […]