I don’t care if it bothers you when I talk about my kids. — BigandPinkyToes

I see you being kid-less and pitying people with kids because you think they need a life and interests outside of their children. I see you. Heck, I used to be you. Even though I understand how you feel, I don’t give a shit. via I don’t care if it bothers you when I talk aboutContinue reading “I don’t care if it bothers you when I talk about my kids. — BigandPinkyToes”

Successful Co-Parenting Tips — Not the Average Mama

This was written my kids Stepmom and my friend. She is fantastic and has been better at some of these skills than I was for years. I think that she was able to gain a lot of perspective from her own parents divorce. Which even though the other 3 of us hadn’t experienced, we wereContinue reading “Successful Co-Parenting Tips — Not the Average Mama”

Tuesday At Ten:{Voice}

I have a very strong, very powerful voice.  Which for the most part is a positive, something that I am proud of.  It works really well in my profession where I do a bit of public speaking. Other time it is a negative.  I talk over and I interrupt people.  This is something that IContinue reading “Tuesday At Ten:{Voice}”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/2

This weeks Teenage Spotlight is brought to you by Kai at It’s OK to be a glow stick!  Thank you Kai for participating!   If you are interested in participating please e-mail me at cmugrad817@yahoo.com. Hey! I’m Kai and I’m 17. I live in a small village in the UK with my parents and siblings.Continue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 6/2”

Proud to be Proud Tag

I came across this post in my reader by Em Somerset: The Proud to be Proud Tag She said….”So I saw that the amazing Luna created this tag, and I saw Elm‘s post (its awesome, check it out). What you have to do is use the #ProudToBeProud hashtag, and write 5 to 15 things you’re proudContinue reading “Proud to be Proud Tag”