REBLOG: Don’t Assume

when someone says they have a mental condition like depression, anxiety, anorexia etc, you can never assume they are faking it. i don’t care if you think it’s for attention or excuses, you cannot assume it. when people suffer with those they’re already emotionally/mentally unstable and not as confident as they would otherwise be. and […] […]

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30

Day 31) I decided that since Fav. Season finale is on here twice, that this one should be favorite Series Finale instead!!! So for that my answer is Parenthood.  I have watched it no less than 25 times since it aired in January of 2015.  It is still on my DVR and it still makes […]

REBLOG: How Scheduling Your Blog Posts Can Be Your Secret Weapon

I have been blogging, consistently and purposefully, for a little over a year. Obviously, I’m an expert.On May 25th, 2016 I wrote My First Thirty Years and over the course of the next few mon… Source: How Scheduling Your Blog Posts Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Reblog: Political Post

Gutinue! (Jeeze Louise!) WTF What is going on? Last week, here, in the good ol’ U. S. of A., the Republican National Convention officially nominated the ill-equipped, narcissistic, racist, sexist, violence provoking, psychopathic, tax evading, reality TV star Donald Trump and his poisonous partner in conservatism and hate, Mike Pence. Please forgive me if I […] […]

Democratic National Convention

I am watching the Democratic National Convention On Demand right now.  This is the first time I have watched any of the convention.  Though, I think it is important. So many friends have been posting videos and quotes.  Things that have been touching my heart and reaching my soul. Politics is a rough business.  Part […]

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 29

Day 29) Worst Finale Cliff Hanger: Well if it was terrible, chances are good that I wouldn’t have remembered it that well.  However the one that I believe most people had a lot of questions about was the ‘United States of Tara” series finale.  If you haven’t watched the show, you should.  All 3 seasons […]