What Do You Think About…Optimism vs Pessimism

This morning one of the first things in my read was a great post by Etta D, Terrific Tuesday.

Then I thought, this is the perfect Topic for My Tell Me What You Think Tuesday. Optimism vs. Pessimism.

Do you think that being Optimistic or Pessimistic is a choice?  Do you believe that it can change the path of your life?

Do you believe that you were taught to either be an Optimist or Pessimist?  Do you make a conscious choice every day to live your life as one or the other?

I myself am naturally an Optimist.  Through all of life’s twists and turns, I have never given up hope that there was something better on the other side.  The more that I can see the good, positive and wonderful pieces of my life, the more beautiful everything else looks.  Now, I have my days were I am in a bad mood, thinking pretty negatively for one reason or the other.  However, more often than not, I just think that being happy is going to lead to a better life.



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9 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Optimism vs Pessimism

  1. I think I tend to be both depending on what it is. My 8 yo is very optimistic.I like how he thinks in his optimistic way. Like one day we were at a store and I told him I was sorry about something, I think it had to do with not getting the toy he wanted because it was sold out or something and he says it’s ok maybe I can find something else I’ll like. He didn’t get upset or anything it was just like oh well there are others.

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  2. I believe optimism is the best way to be. It’s what makes us keep putting one foot in front of the other and facing the world with hope and bright expectations. Nice post!

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  3. Sometimes I feel that optimism and “positive thinking will save you” is used as an excuse. For example, someone says something negative that also happens to be very true, and someone else responds with “don’t be so negative”, e.t.c. I understand being negative isn’t necessarily desirable, but that’s not an excuse to ignore it when it is in fact the truth. If someone were constantly optimistic about everything and never once was affected by a negative attitude, than I would be suspicious of some serious repression going on. It’s good to have a positive attitude, but it’s a richer experience if you can also embrace the negative one and acknowledge it without letting it take over. We all need a little pessimism to stay healthy.

    You can’t even have a positive without a negative, can’t have a negative without a positive.

    I don’t believe I was taught to be either. I think there are many things I’ve reacted with an amazingly positive attitude towards (homelessness for three years) of which I always said “well, it’s only getting better” and “oh cool, now I can bbq outside under the stars, awesome!” when I had to sleep in a tent.

    Years later all that negativity I didn’t address in the beginning came up and hit me hard. It only added to all the other issues in my life. Not because I chose to be positive during that tough period, but because I chose to be positive and IGNORE the negative.

    Optimism can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to how you use it. It can be easily abused. Same with Pessimism.


  4. I believe in realistic optimism. I think a positive attitude can help you through dire situations. The realism part of it is important. If you go through life thinking everything will naturally turn out okay without any action on your part, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

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