Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/7

This post is brought to you by Olive from Independent Olive.  Thank you so much for participating 🙂
Being a teenager in 2016 is hard.
There’s pressure. There’s expectation. There’s hardships.
The pressure of getting a boyfriend.
The expectation of the things you will proceed to do with him.
The hardships of friendships whilst juggling exams.
Without these times, what kind of adult would we become? Without the life experience that comes with growing up.
We have successes, we have failures. But they’re all lessons we learn from.
For me, through my teenage years I have changed remarkably. My friendships have changed, my outlook on life has changed. Whether that is stemmed from going through what I have, or whether it’s everyone, I’m not sure. As a teenager, people see the first glimpses of the person you will become and through your teen years you can change that for the better.
A lot comes with the name “teenager” and it means different things for different people. Whether it’s happy memories, regret, or grief. The thought that all teenagers are grumpy and thoughtless, well yes some are but others are not.
Teenage years come with experimenting, fun, laughter. Exciting prospects of growing up and university.
I think that more teenagers need to be aware of others. That not everyone wants to be wreckless and wild, that some have had to grow up a lot quicker and cannot afford to make choices like that because of responsibilities at home.
Not everyone’s life is plain sailing.
Not all teens have a carefree life.
For me, my teenage years have been both taxing and fufiling. Much has been achieved, and much has been lost. Some life time friendships have been made, others have been lost.
It’s life.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/7

  1. Reading posts like this should help to prepare me for when my little darlings are teenagers – I’ve got a feeling it’s going to come around sooner than I think!

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