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Tuesday at Ten {Caring}

As you get older and move through your life you have some choices to make.  Well, I mean you have a lot of choices to make.  While making those choices you can either decide to care about what others think of the choices you make, or to do what works for you…end of story.

Last time I was with my therapist we had a conversation about how I feel about myself.  I told her “I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I think I am pretty great.”  I am sure as you reading those words, that it sounds cocky.  It really isn’t though.  It isn’t conceited or arrogant at all, it is just fact.

I have worked for the last 18 years (since I became an adult) and probably a little before then, to make decisions that I could be proud of.  To build myself into someone I could look in the mirror and smile at.  I make choices, decisions that I can live with.  I care very little of what other people think of me and my choices.

Now, I like for people to like me, of course!  Only if you are going to like me for what I am though.  I am not going to change who I am to make you happy, I simply don’t care that much.

Please DO NOT misunderstand what I am saying.  I CARE about and for people a lot.  I was in child care, I have 6 children and a lot of friends and family.  My heart cares for people and I show that all day, every day.  What I don’t CARE about is the criticism and critique of others.




5 thoughts on “Tuesday at Ten {Caring}”

  1. Yeah, I’m great as well 🙂 👍 I think your attitude is a healthy one to have. As for me, I need to remind myself of this sometimes and remember not to settle for people in my life that show through their actions that they really don’t care.

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  2. No misunderstanding what-so-ever!! I always love coming to your blog…it is sooooo bright and colorful; and every time I see that photo of you with those two glasses (of wine?!), it makes me smile!!

    How you “care” about yourself is important! And it certainly isn’t be cocky or bragging to say that you are “pretty great.”! You do have to “love yourself” if you are going to be able to love others; and you must also care for yourself in order to be able to care for others…just my two cents worth!!!

    Keep writing! Love reading your posts!

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