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July TV Show Photo Challenge

The other day I stopped over at Getting Through Anxiety and read her post about “The Secret Life of An American Teenager”.  I commented and then she encouraged me to participate in this challenge.  Then I thought, why the heck not??  I love TV, so why not get started.  However, I am 9 days behind.  So I am going to start at 1 and do 2 every day until I am caught up for the month!!

1.) Favorite TV Show   and 2.( Favorite Season of Favorite Show

Well my favorite show hands down is Friends.  It has been since it came out when I was a freshman in high school.  I still love it, I watch reruns every single day and now my kids LOVE it!!

1.) friends.jpg

2.) Choosing a favorite season of this show is VERY difficult.  However, most of my favorite episodes come Season 4.  The season where Phoebe gets pregnant with her brother’s triplets, the one with the game show where the guys think they know the girls better (my favorite episode ever) and the whole time that Ross is with Emily.

friends season 4.jpg

Interested in participating….here is the list!!!



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