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Here we are 5 years later!

My husband is very good with words.  The other day he was talking about relationships and he said something that really hit me.  In the beginning of a relationship you think that things are awesome based on how that person is making you feel.  However, as the relationship moves forward it becomes more about how you feel about them.

I have been thinking about it ever since he said it.  At first I was like, no I still need you to make me feel a certain way.  Well, of course that is true.  But, if after the years, in your heart you aren’t there and still in love, it doesn’t matter what they are doing!  In the beginning of relationships we are usually willing to give, give, give.  However, after some time if we haven’t been receiving anything we can shut down.

After 5 years of being with Paul, I am very happy to say that he still makes me feel like he did in the beginning.  My heart still races, I still just love looking at him and knowing that he is mine.  But, all of those things still happen because of the way that I feel about him. In the beginning it is lust that makes you feel over the moon.  Today, it is love. The love that I have for him that still makes me feel on top of the world every day.

We have some bad days, of course we do.  However, most days he makes me feel just like he did in the beginning.  Which in turn, has made me continue to feel just as in love as I did 5 years ago.  Actually, even more so 🙂

We took a chance, a giant leap of faith after just a short time of being together.  I haven’t regretted it for a minute.  He is my forever.  I hope that there are days where I still make him feel just like I did in the beginning.  I do feel confident in the fact though that he feels the love that I do, the trust and the faith that I do every day.  He loves me in a perfect for me way.  That makes me feel incredible.

5 years later….here we are still choosing each other.  Feeling grateful for, honored to be with and in love with each other!


3 thoughts on “Here we are 5 years later!”

  1. So true this realization… I remember the day I no longer felt the love for my first husband after 4 years and have been weary of feeling it again with my second… Thankfully with honesty, good communication and thoughtful maintence of a relationship I feel so much expanded love for him… After 27 years… Here’s to many years more for both of us… Love barbara x

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  2. By focusing on how you feel about them, is a great way to do the little things that cause your husband to feel special and loved. Thank you for this reminder. 🙂

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