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July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 9&10

9) Most Hated TV Show: I am going to go ahead and say that I can’t think of a show that I “hate”.  That is a pretty strong word.  There are shows that I don’t watch and have never been into, but I can’t think of a hated one.  So, I cheated and found that on a couple of lists was this show and I felt it was worthy!!!


I could lie and say that I have never seen this show or even that I have never been entertained by it (back in college).  However, it is about as trashy as they come.  I have never once seen an episode that was positive.  There is always drama, negative energy and usually even some physical violence of some sort!!  So, its the WORST!

10) Show from the 90s: 90210….hands down my favorite show when I was in middle school, high school and some of college.  I loved it.  I still Love it!!




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