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Tuesday at Ten {Secure}

I decided to write about feeling secure in your own skin.  I am about to turn 36 (in 5 weeks) and I would say that at least for the last 25 years, I have been very secure.

This security is a mind set, it is a way that I choose to live my life.  I choose day in and day out to tell myself that I CAN DO whatever I want to do, that I AM good enough for anything and everything and that I DO look good every day that I look in the mirror.

I have written it before and I will write it again I am sure, but I think that I am pretty awesome!!  I choose to see the strong, amazing, beautiful, positive things about me and my life.

I have worked hard to develop who I am on both the outside and the inside.  Each day is a work in progress, building on the lessons I learned from the day before.  I am secure in that!

I am secure with what I feel in my heart and in my soul and also with what I see in the mirror.  It hasn’t come “easy”, I’m working on myself all the time.  Being secure with yourself is the first step to a happy and successful life!!


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5 thoughts on “Tuesday at Ten {Secure}”

  1. I have to say, i agree! The older I get the more secure I become with myself. It’s actually a very new thing for me, security. Being a very codependent individual has made security difficult for most of my life, but I learned that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Plus I got tired of being so emotionally exhausted all the time! I figure the people who are really worth having around in my life will stick around, even though I have free will and use it. I love your outlook on life!

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  2. I feel my own strength and security rise up as I read your post! Good for you. Good for us who gets to read this post and feel security rise up. I have been working on this security thing as well. I wrote a blog post about it. No pressure. Just thought I would share.https://unbreakablejoy.wordpress.com/?s=so+insecure I’ve been reading others blog posts about security and insecurity to see how people work with these feelings. thanks.


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