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July TV Show Challenge: Day 11&12

11) Show from the 2000s: Grey’s Anatomy!  I know it is still on, but it start in the mid 2000s and it is still one of my favorites!


12)Favorite TV Relationship:  Now this I feel like is a tough one!!!  And I’m a pretty big dork because of who I am picking, but I am OK with that.  Donna Martin and David Silver from 90210!!!  I LOVED them and LOVED that they ended up married in the end.  In more recent TV and a relationship that I love because it reminds me of my own is Kristina and Adam Braverman from Parenthood!  Love them.




7 thoughts on “July TV Show Challenge: Day 11&12”

  1. I wanted to watch Greys’ because it was medical and that always interests me. The first episode….I HATED Bailey….so I never watched it again. My daughters are die-hard fans and talked me into giving it another shot.
    I did and of course now….my favorite character….is Bailey. When George died, it nearly killed me. LOL And when those new characters showed up…Reid and Charles….I couldn’t stand them. Then when Gary Clark shot them, I felt so guilty! Oh, well.
    Can speak about 90210 and Parenthood. Never watched them.

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