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No More Smoking: Hold Me Accountable!


15 thoughts on “No More Smoking: Hold Me Accountable!”

  1. I found myself passing by your post this morning after reading the quit and smoking in the same sentence. I too need to quit. My husband needs to quit. neither one of us is ready to do so…and I can’t help but wonder why (as I sit here with a fag in my mouth). sigh

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    1. Well, my husband and I quitting at the same time isn’t a good thing!! We then both get irritable and end up bickering more!! So I will quit and if I stay not smoking for a month, then he will start to ween himself too. He says if I can make it a month, then I’m probably in it for the long haul! But, usually I break down after a few weeks. I don’t know why I don’t quit, I will will power for everything. However, I just like doing it. SO STUPID!

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  2. I actually quit three years ago with the help of ecig. But unfortunately I went back last summer when things got very stressful during the divorce saga. I’m yet to quit but would love to do it again. I felt much healthier the two years I wasn’t smoking and my skin looked amazing…the best way to do it is just cold turkey. That’s how I did it. But then again the ecigs helped 😉


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