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July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 24

24) Favorite TV Villain or Bad Guy:  I would have to say Bryan Cranston: Walter White from Breaking Bad is my favorite TV Villain or Bad Guy of all time.  I really didn’t think that I would like Breaking Bad at all, but I ended up loving it.




4 thoughts on “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 24”

  1. Wow. I really have been living in a box! I never watched this show, either. I heard a lot of hoopla about it so I finally decided to watch the last episode where he got killed.
    I think I tend to watch shows long after they have gone off the air…..LOL.

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      1. I already deleted it. LOL I don’t think they’re showing the re-runs…oh, maybe on Netflix but I can’t find a doggone thing on there that I want to see. I did watch “Jobs.” He was an interesting guy…and a real dick!

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