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Manic Monday Check-In: 7/25

Last week was a very typical week on Making Time For Me.

With 810 views from 313 visitors, 456 likes with 148 Comments.

Wonderful readers from 27 different countries.  No new countries that I can tell, but a shout out to readers from Belarus, Russia and Pakistan all coming in with 1 view from the week.

I gained 23 new followers last week to put the total up to 571 WordPress followers. Yesterday I hit 650 posts too!

I was nominated for 2 awards last week.  Both the Entertainer and the Liebster, both were an honor.  I truly appreciate the kind words that come along with a nomination and the love that goes into recognizing bloggers for their talents in this community.

My most looked at post this week was Weekend Introduce Yourself: 7/22.  I hadn’t done one in a month or so.  I love the idea of Meet & Greet’s, but I enjoy going and visiting other blogs for that.  The Introduce Yourself is just a place to say you name and maybe where you are blogging from.  A way to get more personal with some of the people we are connecting with on a daily basis.   Thank you to all of you who stopped by.

I’m looking forward to another great week!!  Happy Monday everyone.


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